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William Rhodes Associates the expertise to manage your telecommunications, build strategy and deliver future proof communications.

Who we are

William Rhodes Associates; your telecommunications manager, assisting in every aspect of your companies communication needs, from auditing your existing equipment and infrastructure to researching new and innovative ways to better help your company to communicate.

What we do

Specialising in cost reduction, local and European, William Rhodes Associates has a solution for any communication challenge you may have.

William Rhodes Associates your telecommunications expert.


Here`s why so many companies, local and international, use William Rhodes Associates as their Independent Telecoms Consultants.

Cost reduction

Working alongside you William Rhodes will find savings within your telecommunication spend, it may be:

  • Better tariffs to suit your needs.
  • Correct number and type of telephone lines
  • How could your offices and staff be better connected?
  • Who uses mobile telephony, how and why?
  • Are you with the right providers of telecommunications services and products?

All questions for you to consider and William Rhodes to assist in answering.

Telecommunication strategy

Planning and implementing any communication network can be a logistical nightmare but done correctly it can and should be one of the most beneficial assets within your company.

  • Plan ahead, look at the next few years as a benchmark for your communications
  • Home workers, part time workers, mobile workers, security for field staff, cloud based technology
  • Cap-ex costs for the future
  • Fixed costs and how to reduce those costs

As with a financial or marketing strategy you need the right people involved in the mapping and implementation of you telecommunications.


Partnering with your company to achieve any of your related business objectives and planning a future proof strategy.
William Rhodes can continually oversee:
Network (WAN and LAN)

  • Mobile fleet management
  • Telephony billing reporting and analysis
  • Supplier agreements

The objective of telephony consultancy, in our eyes, is to oversee, report and advise on your current communications and where it should be to future proof your telephony. To review your supplier’s services and products for best price and practice is an essential part of our consultancy programme.


Purchasing capital equipment can be onerous at best and when it involves technology and communications. The decisions need to be best fit for all sites and staff.

  • Detailed plan of existing communication tools, lines, PBx etc
  • Where is the equipment needed and why
  • Budgets and ongoing expenditure
  • Timescales, training and full utilisation plan
  • Most appropriate equipment and suppliers for your companies future expansion plans

There are many facets to buying equipment and engaging with a new supplier. With communications there is additional challenges; are the services and products you are buying going to fit with existing equipment and processes you already use?


Telecommunication audits are conducted for many reasons, however there are two main categories:

  • Reduce spend within your organisations telecommunications
  • Inventory of services

Auditing saves money in a variety of ways. From identifying services which are now redundant to identifying billing errors and incorrect tariffing. Inevitably the outcome is cost savings
An up to date inventory allows you to accurately manage your telecommunication costs and infrastructure.
The collation of all telecommunication spend, invoices, agreements, service contracts collateral and business knowledge is added to this extensive service and delivered in such a way to assist any desired outcome.


Benchmarking must be accurate, meaningful and reported in such a way that progress and actions can be made with confidence.

A Benchmarking project can be requested for the following;

  • To create a communications business case for further action
  • To ensure you are not paying more than the current market rates
  • For use in a negotiation process with a supplier or potential supplier

To see at a glance how close or how far away your telecoms costs are enables the relevant people in your team make prompt decisions for cost savings.

Pan-European mobile and land line tariffing

Many internationally based organisations are encumbered with heavy communication costs mainly due to international call surcharges imposed via the carriers in each country.
William Rhodes has associate relationships throughout Europe which enables you to;

  • Create a joined up communications infrastructure
  • Single point of contact for global estate
  • Consolidation of billing and service contracts
  • Potential for group savings on all communications; internal and external
  • Review of new technology for better group connectivity

Because businesses are in different countries it doesn’t necessarily mean different equipment, tariffs or even providers are required only if you need help joining it all together. William Rhodes Associates has years of experience in helping successful European based companies simplify their cross-border communication challenges.

Mobile fleet management

The ongoing work of organising, managing and continually checking costs of a mobile phone fleet is a burden for most organisations, even companies with a BYOD philosophy.
William Rhodes, with its decades of mobile fleet management expertise will

  • Consolidate mobile bills, make reporting and accounting simpler
  • Multi supplier cost reduction and management
  • Replacement and repair service systems implemented and overseen if necessary
  • Lost, stolen and broken procedures for local and international incidents
  • Asset management of fleet and bill checker software
  • Connectivity between fixed communications and mobile
  • Mobile telephony training creating intelligent mobile communications

As your mobile fleet needs alter daily; tariff, usage, device, data or the need for company applications such as CRM so will the need to manage the fleet closely to get the best from it.

Outsourced Telecoms manager

Outsourcing telecoms management makes sense for so many companies, too big to look after all the communications of the company internally but not big enough to warrant a full time telecoms manager / director.

  • Comprehensive review of your telecommunications –
  • RFP (Request for pricing) exercise
  • Quarterly bill heck
  • Bi-annual review meeting
  • Telephone support / Ad hoc advice

Other services that can be fulfilled;

  • Contract negotiation
  • Supplier change management
  • Supplier management
  • Risk analysis including disaster recovery
  • Recovery of historic overcharges
  • Field sales calls – filtering out the good


Associate Office 

Heitzig Consult GmbH
Fachberatung für Telekommunikation und Informationstechnik
Büro: Kindsberg 22 | D-84089 Aiglsbach


CAMPUS V, Hintere Achmühlerstraße 1a | A-6850 Dornbirn | www.heitzigconsult.net

fon:         +49-8753-95115
fax:         +49-8753-95116
email:     p.rudolph@heitzigconsult.net

Heitzig Consult Austria, located in Dornbirn /Austria, is an independent ITK consulting company established for over 20 years focusing on the German-speaking market.

William Rhodes Associates & HCA have had an excellent working relationship for many years and have co-operated on international projects such as Merck. Closer co-operation is envisaged for the future.

As a result, William Rhodes Associates are now able to offer a complete range of consulting services not only in the German speaking market but all of continental Europe. HCA has references such as ITERGO, MERCK, SANDOZ; NOVARTIS, DR. OETKER, GEORG FISCHER, GFK and INFINEON on their list. For more information go to http://www.heitzigconsult.net/.

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